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The site even features a little graphic of a cyclist. Sweet. But theres no carry through. Please deluge the site with we-want-cycling-featured emails...

Government website says Britain is open

www.openbritain.gov.uk/index_noflash.htm is the governments attempt to get more people to visit the countryside, especially overseas visitors. All very laudable. But if we want cycling to rise up the polical agenda we had better start an email campaign.

The public-facing websites may also wish to join bikebiz.co.uk in this campaign.

Deluge www.openbritain.gov.uk/FEEDBACK.HTM with requests to include more mentions of cycling. Theres a link to the Ramblers Association website, the site should therefore also include links to www.ctc.org.uk and www.sustrans.org.uk.

And if www.whycycle.co.uk had loads of fresh info on how to ride despite FMD that would be a good site to mention too.

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