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If you're one of the 4489 bike industry names who get emailed with the Coffrin Report from America you'll know how good it is. In amongst all the US news ­ that's interesting but not directly relevant to UK readers ­ there was a cracking idea contained in this month's Report...

Great idea in latest Coffrin report

"I recommend that retailers develop a Consulting Services Swap. What does that mean? Look for an opportunity to meet fellow retailers at the [BREC – US equivalent of Bike 2000] and agree to act as business consultants to each other," writes Gary Coffrin, an industry analyst and consultant.

"Two or more non-competing bike retailers in different market areas can then visit each other’s business to review store operations and make suggestions for improvement. This exchange of consulting visits has almost no cost and can return big dividends."

What a good idea! Gary says it doesn’t have to be just fellow IBDs you brainstorm with, it could be any other fellow independent retailer. A music shop perhaps? Or a sports shop or an archery supplies retailer (that one’s for you, Mr. Hyde)? These all have massive inventory lines too, and depend on staff being knowledgable.

To be added to the e-mailing list for the Coffrin Report, email Coffrin@aol.com. Perhaps Gary would allow us to post his latest report here so people can check it out and see whether they’d like to be sent it? After that they can be added to Gary’s list.

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