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Oh, no it doesn't, it's just a typo. 200 businesses out of a mailing list of 2500 today received letters from the organisers of the BA's International Cycle Convention telling them the dates for the show were 28-30th May. The mistake was soon spotted and 2300 of the letters had the correct dates, 26-28th May

Harrogate trade show moves by two days

The first ‘confused’ phone calls started coming in to Event Management Team Ltd. this morning, where there were red faces all round.

"I’d like to say it was a deliberate attempt to raise awareness of the real dates but it was just a cock-up," show organiser Jane Evans told bikebiz.co.uk.

"We were able to rescue most of the letters so the great majority of people will not get confused. The letterheads are printed with the real dates so I don’t how we made such a silly mistake. My apologies to those 200 people with the wrongly dated letters. But looking on the bright side those letters are now collector’s items!"

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