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Eric Martlew, the Labour MP for Carlisle, said earlier today he will reintroduce his plans to get the government to force children to wear helmets when cycling. Details are scant at the moment but it's probable that Martlew will table an amendment to the Road Safety Bill. He will use the BMA's volte face on helmets as a supportive argument. BikeBiz.com has a petition online, urging the BMA to go back to being pro-helmet, anti-compulsion.

Helmet compulsion MP to throw stick into wheel of Road Safety Bill

Martlew announced his decision on the lunchtime Look North TV news bulletin.

His piece will reappear on the early evening news bulletin. BikeBiz.com requested an opportunity to give an opposing point of view but the Look North news planner said there was not enough time on tonight’s programme, although he will be back in touch if and when Martlew’s bill gets parliamentary airtime.

The planner was incredulous that anybody could be opposed to helmet compulsion for cyclists.

It’s almost certain the same planner would laugh at helmet compulsion for motorists, children climbing trees, footballers or folks who live in houses with low ceiling beams.





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