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Got a website? Please download these Bikeforall.net banners and place them on your site. The industry-owned Bikeforall portal is an excellent info-and-news resource for new and 'thinking-about-it' cyclists.

Help get more virtual bums on more virtual saddles

There are two GIF banners here:


Load them to your site and direct to http://www.bikeforall.net

Bikeforall.net is owned by Bike Hub, the UK bicycle promotion levy. Bike Hub is run jointly by the Bicycle Association and the Association of Cycle Traders. It was seed-funded by the Department for Transport and is currently being promoted on- and off-line in a big budget non-bike media campaign paid for by Cycling England and part co-ordinated by the government’s Central Office of Information.

If you do load the banners to your website, bask in a warm philanthropic glow and then email editor@bikeforall.net

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