Alright pop pickers, here's your top five ways to irritate your customers

How to avoid upsetting your bike shop customers

Consumer champion Which? has compiled a list of the top 5 things that irritate UK shoppers.

The top five, based on a poll of 9,409 UK adults, saw unhelpful staff top the list with 41 per cent saying it was a major irritation. However shoppers under 24 were more blasé on the point, with 28 per cent admitting unhelpful staffers was an annoyance. It was the 55 to 64 age category that was most vexed by uncooperative store workers.

Here’s the top five from Which?

  1. Unhelpful staff – 41%
  2. Queuing – 39%
  3. Shop crowds – 38%
  4. Expensive prices – 38%
  5. Poor shopping experience – 38% (difficulty finding products, untidy stores, etc)

What strikes us is that a number of those irritants are largely outside the control of the retailer, which suggests that it is hugely important to get the things right that are in retailers’ control – eg the helpfulness of staff and the shopping experience.

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