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BikeBiz lifts the lid on what could be the best deal on the internet...

How to buy eight bikes for $2

BikeBiz has today discovered what we believe to be the best deal on the internet, particularly if you like both bicycles and spending entire days weeks in front of a computer screen.

Sadly for the independent trade, an online retailer has already beaten you to the post with this money spinning idea – virtual bicycles. That retailer is the Second Life Marketplace where you can grab eight bicycles for just $2.01.

The seller says of the bikes: "Spring and Summer are all about being outside and what better way to explore Second Life, than to do it riding a bike? The Chelsea Bicycles set includes eight bicycles – one plain non-basket set and one set with a cute decorated basket, with flowers, groceries and a notebook decor. Each bicycle comes in four colours: pink, aqua blue, green and red."

This is a real thing, that people pay real money for, right here on planet Earth. One happy customer posted a review stating: "This bike is high quality, only took a few minutes to adjust it to my avatar, and I’ve been riding around everywhere I go. Great Bike!"

Another said: "A very cute bike. I liked it so much I bought one for my husband."

Are we in the bicycle trade missing a trick? Is there scope for virtual chamois cream and clip in shoes BikeBiz wonders…

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