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You'll need a $5.95 broadband account with MediaZone. The site says it's for US consumers only...

How to watch the Giro online

MediaZone.com, an online broadcasting provider of licensed video and audio content, and OLN today announced their offering of the 2005 Giro d’Italia, the 88th edition of the Italian national tour.

All 13 weekday stages of this year’s 21-day Giro d’Italia will be broadcast live online – no ads, no commentary – from May 9th to May 27th. Same-day coverage of the eight weekend races will be televised on OLN beginning today.

For a flat fee of $5.95, broadband consumers in the U.S.A. will be able to watch all of the weekday stages live or on demand at MediaZone.com. This service is only available to consumers in the US, says MediaZone.

"OLN has chosen MediaZone.com as the online partner for this event because of their ability to provide a high-quality customer experience," said Brad Friedrich, V.P. Business Development of OLN. "This gives OLN another avenue by which to serve our passionate cycling fan base."


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