Hubtiger offering exclusive webinar to ACT members

Web and mobile platform Hubtiger is offering an exclusive webinar to ACT members to demonstrate how cycle shops can manage all workshop operations in one app.

Hubtiger aims to help bike shops do better business by reducing phone calls to the shop, improving workshop efficiency, increasing revenue and enhancing the customer experience. This summer saw a spike in demand for the cycling industry, with technicians and workshops finding themselves busier than in years. The ACT is a big supporter of the app and believes it could be an ‘excellent’ solution for many bike shops to easily manage their customer base.

The web solution manages online/app bookings, job card scheduling, automated/direct communication, quote approvals and pushes the quote through to the Point-of-Sale (Vend, Lightspeed, Xero and others). Hubtiger will also send automated SMS reminders to customers who have not serviced their bike in six months.

The webinar, held by Hubtiger’s CEO and co-founder Stuart, will demonstrate the following:
– Online bookings
– Scheduling job cards
– Automated messages (email and SMS)
– Customers approval of quotes

Date: 14th July 2021
Time: 7pm
Duration: 45 mins

Register for the Hubtiger webinar now.

ACT member discounts
Hubtiger offers a free trial and a month-to-month contract that can be cancelled anytime. Setup is less than an hour if the bike shop has a POS system that can be integrated into and training is just as seamless.

The ACT offers its Silver and Gold members a 15% discount off each Hubtiger product price. Cytech accredited ACT members will be given an increased discount of 20% off each product price.

The app offers three separate packages starting from just £32 per month (£27.20/per month for ACT members, £25.60 for Cytech accredited ACT members). With this, you’ll receive a number of benefits, including integration into POS, customer and bike history, unlimited services, users and service reminders, in-app messaging and more. The packages then increase in price slightly, offering the bike shops more add-ons, such as extra technicians and SMSs, bike shop analytics and a coupon module to drive new business.

All Hubtiger users are also able to access 24/7 support from their expert team. For more information about Hubtiger and to get started visit the ACT website here.

Bike Bros (Surrey, UK)
“Hubtiger has allowed us to keep track of our workshop and be able to support our customers with less downtime. The quote approval feature is one of the best things I have used, it allows complete transparency of what the service will cost. Especially for how we operate our business, having the full stock available on there is brilliant as it allows us to quickly find parts without leaving the booking screen. The text and e-mail confirmation for bookings and reminders are great.

“We have added a google review link in the final text message when a bike is collected and it has allowed us to capture more feedback and good review for the service we provide. I could not have picked a better booking system designed from the ground up for bike shops. Especially the feedback and communication with the Hubtiger team has been stellar. The new features and constant improvements are small but significant. Keep up the good work!”

Butternut Bikes (London, UK)
“Hubtiger has been a hugely valuable addition to our young and local bike repair shop – for us as well as our customers! We opened our bike repair shop in Crouch End, North London during the first pandemic lockdown in 2020, which added all sorts of complications on top of the usual stresses of starting a new business.

“Hubtiger has made an enormous difference to our day-to-day work – it’s given us a simple and efficient process for booking bike services, managing repairs, allowing customers to describe the work they need in their own words, communicating with customers about our assessments and quotes, and so on. Keeping in touch with our customers about progress on their bikes is a crucial part of what we do, and it could eat up a lot of time calling and texting individually. Hubtiger has made it a quick, simple and painless process – allowing us to spend more time actually fixing bikes! Several customers have specifically complimented us on Hubtiger’s service too.

“Overall, Hubtiger’s software is extremely good value for money, it allows a small new business like ours to compete with our more established peers. And the staff has just been lovely to work with – super friendly, helpful and enthusiastic.”

Register for the Hubtiger webinar now.

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