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Behind Bars of Abingdon doesn't believe in cutting corners when it comes to information provision: its plain-but-packed website is currently a mine of information on how to beat the foot-and-mouth restrictions

IBD gives local cyclists every FMD link they could wish for

An US industry analyst quoted in the just-gone-to-print BicycleBusiness says IBDs shouldn’t think their websites will reach the world, they are tools for reaching locals and driving footfall.

A perfect example of a UK IBD’s website doing just that is www.behindbars.uk.com. This has a superb FMD links section at http://www.behindbars.uk.com/wheretoride.html , as well as a bang-up-to-date stolen bike registry at http://www.behindbars.uk.com/…/theft.html .

And the site is up front about the shop’s quality-not-discounting ethos:

"Thanks for reading this page. We want to be special to you and offer the

very best in service and value for money. If seeking a cheap deal then please go no further. You get what you pay for!!"

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