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The BikeBiz forum is the place to go for advice, and dish it out, too. Membership is restricted to those involved in the business of bicycles, and is free. When applying for membership you need to be able to prove your work with bicycles. Your application is OKayed manually, and can be rescinded if you post overly promotional material.

Current hot topics include gear hangers rattling Campag rear mechs; breaking into overseas markets; car-dependent society; and Kona v CRC.

There’s also a lively ongoing debate about electric bikes, which has now had 101 replies, and a similar debate about 29ers. A poll on whether bike trade folks think climate change is man-made or not is overwhelmingly in favour of it being hastened by humans (although the poll has had a low ‘turnout’, a reflection the topic is of little importance to cycle retailers?).

If you want to contribute to a debate on whether adding more and more roads is a good thing for the UK and that laying tarmac over pristine countryside is a price worth paying for economic prosperity, head here. You might be very surprised by the views offered by a bike retailer or two.

In other news...

Bolt teams up with Allianz Partners to provide e-scooter insurance 

Bolt has teamed up with Allianz Partners to provide insurance to its electric scooter users …