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The latest TV ads for Nike - to be broadcast in the US only - feature A-list, Nike-sponsored athletes switching sports. Lance Armstrong is shown as a boxer. The moral of the ads is that a great athlete has a will a win and would dominate any sport they chose to compete in. Hmm, Nike's ad agency hasn't seen BBC Superstars, then...

In the ring…with ‘Big Tex’

The New York Times reports that Nike’s latest TV campaign kicks off today and features seven athletes switching sports.

The "What if?" commercials – in lengths of 15, 60 and 90 seconds – show tennis champ Serena Williams playing beach volleyball; hairy tennis ace Andre Agassi playing baseball for the Boston Red Sox and Lance Armstrong boxing.

Nike wondered "what if when Lance Armstrong was 3 years old his mother handed him a pair of boxing gloves instead of a bicycle?"

The six week TV campaign – to appear post-8pm on networks such as ESPN, Fox, MTV, UPN and VH1 – also appears on nike.com.



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