The Virtue tadpole tricycle is seeking $100,000 on Kickstarter.

Inbetweener pedal e-car seeks funding on Kickstarter

Cargobike maker Virtue Bike of San Diego is to produce the Pedalist tadpole tricycle pedalcar and is seeking $100,000 on Kickstarter. Non-electric versions cost $2,995, with the first electric model costing $3,995.

Virtue Bike owner William Mulyadi said: "The Pedalist’s narrow body is agile enough to travel in between cars allowing easy navigation through automobile traffic using both standard car and bicycle lanes.

He added: “Many drivers would love to leave the car at home and commute by bicycle but often times they were discouraged by inclement weather. Virtue Cycles decided to meet them half-way. The Pedalist’s lightweight outer shell is designed to provide protection from wind-chill, sun and heat, and light rain, all while the rider can enjoy recreational cycling, running errands around town and commuting to work.”

The Pedalist can be equipped with a 750W electric motor. A 48v 32A li-ion battery that will provide a range of 50+ miles per charge. The Pedalist features three cycling modes — pedal-only, pedal assist and full electric throttle, which is limited to 20 mph. (This last mode would fall foul of e-bike regulations in many jurisdictions).

Virtue Cycles also makes the Gondoliere, Truck and Schoolbus cargo bikes as well as Dutch-style bicycles. 

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