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For a tenner a pop you can register any daft phrase as a potential future URL (ie website address) and get visitors redirected to your main site. Heres a funny little trick pulled by Brant Richards...

It pays to register

Perusing the mags on offer at WH Smiths our hero spots a sticker-set on the latest issue of MBR, the IPC magazine he used to edit.

One of the stickers lists the URL www.mustgetoutmore.com. Its a spoof site. Or is it?

Our hero decides to find out. Nope, its not registered, so he wops out his credit card and pays to register it.

Now, any MBR reader pointing his/her browser at mustgetoutmore.com just for a look, it might be real gets redirected to the Brant Richards singlespeed site, www.on-one.co.uk.

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