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So what are you doing to mark this Euro-wide celebration of bikes, feet, trains, and buses?

It’s Car Free Day on Friday…

With Tony Blair calling for new laws to protect fuel supplies, and filling stations still not quite full, this Friday’s European Car Free Day will receive more coverage than usual. Brief your local papers so they know they can get a quote from you, or even a whole story.

Bike shops in London ought to piggy-back on the coverage that the London Cycling Campaign is aiming to generate. The LCC has organised commuting rides suitable for novices to join. These leave from six key London locations at 7.30am.

Perhaps your local campaign group has organised something similar? If not, there’s your PR que: organise your own ride. Give it some pre-publicity by telling your local media about it and then make sure those few riders who do turn up are given leaflets about your shop and the commuting products you stock.

There’s never been a better time to ram home the message that oil is a finite resource, and cycling is quick, green, and body-shaping.



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