Japanese bicycle makers said today they are seeking government protection against cheap imports from China, joining a list including towel and chopstick makers and leek farmers.

Japanese bike makers seek curbs on Chinese imports

According to Reuters, Japan’s largest bicycle industry group, the Japan Bicycle Association said it has decided to ask the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) to impose emergency curbs on bicycles imported from China and Taiwan.

The association of 200 makers of bikes and bike parts said imports from the two economies account for about 70 percent of nine million bikes sold in Japan each year.

"Bicycle imports from China and Taiwan have increased at a phenomenal pace for the past two or three years, so we’ve decided to request emergency curbs to protect our domestic

manufacturers," said association official Toyokatsu Kawaguchi.

"The group is preparing to make a formal request as early as this month but the process could take longer as some members who have shifted their production bases to China are taking a more cautious stance."

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