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Money off R-Torq R and R-Torq RS ten-speed cranks, while stocks last

Jim Walker rolls out new promotional Fulcrum discounts

While stocks last, Jim Walker will be offering its customers ten per cent off its R-Torq R and R-
Torq RS ten-speed cranks.

The super-styled carbon cranks have had retail prices (including VAT) slashed to £383.39 for the RS and £248.39 for the standard R model. Both cranksets are available in regular or compact and in 170, 172.5 and 175mm lengths.

The R-Torq R crank is perfect for intense and persistent use, typical of enthusiasts of high calibre, even if they’re not necessarily athletes. Fulcrum cranksets feature the Campagnolo Ultra Torque system, which guarantees lightness, rigidity, simple assembly and easy maintenance. 34-50 or 39-53 chain ring set ups are available and the final weight comes to 751 grams.

The higher-spec model, the Racing Torq RS, has been conceived for competitive racing at the maximum level and uses Fulcrum hollow crank technology, allowing the crankset’s arms to be made with an internal cavity and therefore achieve weight loss while maintaining structural quality.

For more information on the promotion, call 08707 528 777 or visit www.i-ride.co.uk.

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