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Thinking of creating a bike oriented website? Dont overload it with Flash, or video effects, or huge sound files or too many other bells and whistles. Heres why...

Keep it simple, stupid

Boo.com, the big budget online street clothes retailer covering 17 European countries, has slashed its workforce and has been forced to set up a ‘low bandwidth’ version of its site. The site is great if youve got a dead fast modem (56Kbps is the minimum required!) or an ISDN connection, but everybody else including Psion users with 9600 baud modems cant log on. The site even barred AppleMac users for a few weeks, successfully alienating a great many potential customers.

Clothing sales have been far short of predicted and the overly complicated site is to get a pared down version in March.

As well as redundancies, Boo.com started a 40 per cent discount sale, which is due to run until 10 February.

Its fine to have a clever, Flash-enriched, streaming site techhead customers will expect no less but it costs very little to make a simple version available too.

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