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John Kerry, the would-be president of the US, famously fell from his Serotta and was soon thereafter copied by Dubya, who skidded on a pretzel and face-planted. But will President Bush go the whole hog, and plug himself into OLN to watch his mate go for a sixth yellow jersey?

Kerry is TdF buff

In this week’s Newsweek, presidential hopeful John Kerry is revealed as a closet Tour de France fan:

Iowa Gov. Tom Vilsack, who lacked any national experience and who deduced that he wasn’t The One when Kerry spent their bus trip in Iowa together watching the Tour de France. In fact, on that trip Kerry was scribbling an announcement speech — for Edwards.

Clearly, a new force is growing in US politics. It’s not the Jewish vote or the Hispanic vote that will swing November’s election, US politicians are falling over themselves – often literally – to curry favour with cyclists…

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