The Oz lights'n'locks brand has appointed Richard Gros as Knog's first European operations manager. He is based in France.

Knog creates Euro HQ

Knog has appointed bike industry veteran Richard Gros to head up its European operation. Gros is based in Lyon, France.

Hugo Davidson, Knog’s CEO, said: “This marks a huge shift in our distribution strategy. France has always been a difficult market for us, we have tried to sell our innovative lighting and locks through a variety of distributors. However trying to find companies who could align themselves with our original, urban and design driven approach to bike accessories, always alluded us.

"We needed to rethink the way we approached the French market, so I contacted Richard Gros – a long time industry contact and we discussed the options of moving from exclusive to non exclusive distribution and working with key accounts directly."

Knog now has three leading French language distributors: Tiky distribution, ESM Sports and Now Company of Belgium. 

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