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BikeBiz has the scoop on a locking device prototype which is aimed to defeat u-lock smashers

Kryptonite to launch lock stuffer

At Madison’s iceBike, Kryptonite’s Donna Tocci gave BikeBiz an exclusive peek at an un-named prototype product. There’s a short and shonky video of the unveiling on YouTube.

Given time, effort, a long enough lever – or a stubby bottle jack – any u-lock can be breached. But only if you use it incorrectly. Fill any gaps with stuff and it becomes super-tough to pry or jack a u-lock.

This is the highly summarised gist of this new online how-to-protect-your-bike article that bloggers in the US and the UK are saying is the "definitive" article on bicycle security.

Kryptonite’s lock stuffer will go into production in the summer. It’s a lot tougher than Bad Bones, another company’s long-standing solution to the bottle jack problem.

Sold Secure, the UK lock testing body which awards Gold, Silver and Bronze standards to lock companies who pay a test fee and an annual listing fee, does not test with bottle jacks and is subject to an ongoing investigation by Trading Standards.

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