EUROBIKE 2013: Lock your bike using only a helmet strap, plus a new high-end road offering from Lazer

Lazer unveils Z1 helmet and ‘Cappuccinolock’

The Z1 is Lazer’s new standard in high performance road helmets, promising improved side impact protection, better ventilation, more comfortable fit system and less weight.

The Lazer Z1 CE certified medium weighs 220grams and features an integrated wing on the top of the helmet. Comfort is boosted with an upgraded extra light version of Lazer’s Rollsys system – ARS, or Advanced Rollsys System. Optimal airflow is provided with straight strap dividers (SSD) for addtiiaonl cooling and the ‘easiest possible way of adjusting helmet straps’.

When it’s chilly, or the rider is after additional aerodynamics, the Z1 helmets allow for an Aeroshell to be installed. Finally, the T-pro (temple protection) sees the helmet lower in that vulnerable area, providing better protection.

Cappuccinolock is a nifty solution to what you do with your helmet when you make a quick stop while riding, while also providing a short-term lock for the bike as well.

Locking a bike using only helmet straps, the Cappuccinolock works by sliding the male part of the buckle into the lock on one side and connecting the female part of the buckle on the other side of the lock.

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