Zone One 'BikeGrid' called for by cyclists organisation

LCC calls for more cycle friendly infrastructure in hire zone

The LCC is calling on the Mayor to invest further in London’s zone one infrastructure ahead of the introduction of the cycle hire scheme.

With a planned 400 docking stations being introduced within zone one, along with 6,000 hireable bikes, it is feared that the infrastructure cannot support the anticipated volume of journeys by bike.

A ‘BikeGrid’ is now being proposed by the LCC.

Chief executive Koy Thomson said: "To have the cycle hire experience fall so far short of expectation because of the poor quality of London’s cycling infrastructure would be a disaster."

"Also, having a system compatible with Oyster cards was one of the mayor’s original objectives. This has been dropped to speed up implementation. The Cycle Hire scheme should be fully integrated with all other public transport, giving travellers easy choice between different modes."

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