Cab organisation revert to anti-cycling stance

LTDA launch late judicial review against Embankment superhighway

The LTDA, which has in the past threatened legal action over cycle highway plans have, according to a BBC reporter, now launched a judicial review over the already underway Embankment Superhighway build.

Having in the past dubbed cyclists the "ISIS of London", the head of the cabbie representing organisation had suggested on LBC following the approval of a series of superhighways that a judicial review was, at the time, being considered.

With nearly six months having passed since then and having seemingly dismissed the idea, it seems that the LTDA has waited for construction to begin before making good on its threat. Bizarrely, if the LTDA won their claim, the resulting ‘win’ would likely now cause more disruption than a loss.

The LTDA are seemingly set to argue that planning permission for the build should have been granted, as opposed to being allowed to fall under permitted development rules.

Twitter users are beginning to respond en-masse, with several declaring they will now boycott the use of LTDA cabs. Many are declaring their business will now go to bitter rival Uber, with which the LTDA also has ongoing legal debates.

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