‘Mandatory bike lights’ report panned by cyclists

A report was recently revealed by car hire firm CheapCar.com that seemingly confirmed that 87 per cent of cyclists are in favor of mandatory bike lights.

The survey was carried out with the help of 1,344 ‘cycling customers’ and featured various questions about cycle safety, the most significant of which was: “What can make cycling safer in the UK?”

The story, which was picked up by both cycle specific and mainstream media sources including Cycling Weekly, also featured quotes from cyclists stating, “There are so many things going on that I feel I’m invisible. If all cyclists had lights then I’m certain it would make a big difference to cars pulling out and cars turning on you,” and “it makes me sad when I see cyclists dressed all in black for example – if I pull alongside them at lights I always make sure they know they can’t be seen.”

The report has since been panned by readers on social media with many claiming that the report is not only poorly researched, but may also dissuade riders from taking to the saddle. Many comments echoed similar sentiments such as these:

Other statistics used include 81 per cent of cyclists in favour of compulsory helmets and 77 per cent in favour of mandatory cycling mirrors. The report concluded with the statement: “The cycling community really needs to pull together to help keep everyone as visible as possible.”

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