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Bike mags are dropping like flies. 'On Your Bike'. 'Cycling Today'. Now 'Mountain Biker International' has shuffled off this mortal coil.

MBI folds

The November issue of MBI out on the news-stands now – will be the last.

Link House has yet to make an official announcement about the closure but a quick call to the ads department confirmed that the magazine is now an ex-magazine.

MBI has been an MTB race magazine for some years but XC MTB racing isn’t what it used to be and the closure of MBI was all but inevitable. If anything, MBI lasted a lot longer than many people predicted…

It had a definite niche in a marketplace which had its fair share of me-toos but that niche was perhaps too specialised when a runaway success story such as MBUK is able to soak up the vast majority of the available ads.

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