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"After seven years on Future Publishing's bike titles, the time has come for me to move on," said Davis.

Mike Davis leaves MBUK

"My future plans are somewhat ill-defined, and currently extend to a short period of relaxation, contemplation and bike riding. I will at some not-too-distant point need to start earning an honest living, and frankly I’d be foolish to bet against it being something to do with bikes. I don’t actually know about anything else, for a start."

Davis started on MBUK, then worked on Future’s short-lived titles Mountain Bike World and Total Bike before coming back to MBUK after a stint on What Mountain Bike?

"While I dearly love MBUK, it’s possible to have too much of a good thing and I figure it’s best to get out with my enthusiasm still fairly intact," said Davis.

"Not that I expect to disappear from the pages completely – I very much hope that I’ll be doing a bit of freelance work for them, and the big pile of unwritten features with my name on them suggests that I will."

Davis leaves on 13th September.

MBUK product testing enquiries should now be directed to Finlay Paton, finlay.paton@futurenet.co.uk

All other editorial enquiries should go to Jo Payne, jo.payne@futurenet.co.uk

Jane Bentley is the What Mountain Bike? contact, jane.bentley@futurenet.co.uk

Tym Manley is still the editor of the title he co-founded. The MBUK editorial staffers are Andrew Dodd, Russell Murrell and Finlay Paton. Future is to recruit for a replacement for Davis.

Email: mike@mike-davis.net

Tel: 07711 822513

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