Still plenty of physical Clugs to pledge for but the early-bird 3D printer files are gone. $32,000 target will be blown through.

Minimalist wall-mounted bike-storage bracket sells out on Kickstarter

Hurdler Studios, a Vancouver-based design company, has put the tiny Clug bike storage clip on Kickstarter, aiming for funding of $32,000. The product has been online for only a couple of days and already all the early-bird pledges have been snapped-up. These pledges were for 3D printer files for the two-part plastic-and-silicone wheel grippers.

Clug – "it sounds like a drain cleaner" – fits any standard road bike tyre between 23mm and 28mm. An MTB version is being worked on.

"We think that giving people more access to usable bike storage is a small but important step in reducing the hurdles that stop everyone from ditching their cars in favour of bikes," said a statmement from Hurdler.

Clug’s packaging doubles as an installation template and debris-catcher. The gripper instals with two screws and only needs to hold the bike in place via the front wheel. 

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