MMR Bikes and Galfer Bike join forces

All MMR cyclo-cross teams will start using Galfer Bike brake components on their MMR Attack bicycles for the 2017-2017 competitions.

The MMR-Spiuk CX, Born-MMR and Nesta-MMR teams will be fitted with Galfer Disc Wave and Advanced G1851 brake pads, which are specially designed for muddy and wet conditions.

The MMR-Spiuk CX team is currently one of the best national cyclo-cross teams in the world, and includes most of the current Spanish champions such as Javier Larrinaga and Aida Nuño.

All team members will enter the Spanis Cyclo-cross Cup and Championship. A reduced number of teams will also be entering into the European rounds of the CX World Cup, and the Bieles Cyclo-cross World Championship in January 2017.

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