Modmo launches “first-ever” fully modular bike

Modmo has launched its flagship electric bike, the Saigon.

Designed to be the bike what will replace a car, Saigon is the “first-ever” fully modular bike, adding a “whole new level of utility to your ride”.

It has an 18.5Ah battery allowing up to 200km of pedal-assisted cycling per charge. It uses a fully integrated and removable battery paired with a front 250-watt motor to get you from A to B “effortlessly without any sweat”.

Saigon also boasts a smart handlebar display, GPS for location tracking and Bluetooth for function control via the IOS/Android app.

The front and rear modular mounts allow Modmo’s range of modular accessories to slide on/off, allowing the Saigon to be customised. Accessories in production include a child seat, basket, food delivery boxes and a pannier rack.

Saigon is now available for pre-order with an early bird offer on Modmo’s website. Deliveries will be made in September.

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