Technical and casualwear brand finally arrives on these shores, courtesy of ASI

Montura climbs into UK outdoor market

Distributor Ardblair Sports Importers is bringing the Montura brand to the UK for the first time.

The European clothing brand has been available since the ‘80s on the continent. Made in Italy, the line-up ranges from casualwear through to technical expedition apparel, worn by Alpine guides and rescue teams, according to Ardblair.

“The Montura philosophy is centred around experience, and their innovative clothing is designed to enhance the experience of those that work in, dream about or are inspired by the mountains,” said the distributor. “The forward-thinking Montura designers look beyond the borders of what is currently available, continually seeking to find new solutions to existing problems.

“Montura clothing is imagined, designed, created and tested, not only by those who climb mountains, but above all by those who experience the mountains passionately; those who attempt to understand, interpret and discover them anew every day.”

The range comfortable fleece and casual jackets, shells, softshells, gloves and beanies.

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