Independent store to pull advertising support after editor pens pro-hate column against cyclists

Moore’s Cycles: ‘We won’t advertise in Richmond while Nye is editor’

Leon Moore of Moore’s Cycles has told BikeBiz of its intentions to pull its advertising support of The Richmond magazine, following on from a hate-filled column wishing cyclists dead by editor Richard Nye.

In a statement passed to us, the store, whose Twickenham branch has featured twice previously in our annual ‘Top 20 IBDs feature‘, said:

"Words cannot fully describe the horror we felt reading Richmond Magazine editor Richard Nye’s comments that ‘the only good cyclist is a dead one.’

"Our customers and staff are all cyclists and it is utterly reprehensible that the editor of a magazine, which should be supporting the local community and businesses, can write such offensive comments.

"We were not aware of the editorial content when we booked our advert.

"We sent a complaint to the magazine on Monday. To date we have received no response. Where is their accountability?

"It goes without saying that we will not be advertising in this magazine whilst Richard Nye remains editor."

Sigma Sport were also set to advertise in the magazine later this year, but earlier today posted to the store’s Twitter:

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