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Propel distribution to supply limited numbers

Morewood to launch new DH platform with BOS Suspension

After a busy year of prototyping and tuning details through feedback, Morewoods new DH platform, the Makulu, is finally approaching launch.

The Makulu is the result of a collaboration between Morewood Bikes South Africa and BOS suspension of France. The result is the Makulu’s new Low Leverage Advantage suspension design, a single pivot with ultra low leverage rate controlled rocker link suspension damped by the constructed BOS Stoy shock.

The first run of frames are now at production stage. Initial run will be extremely limited with only 40 frames being made worldwide. Propel will have only eight of these frames available on the initial run and these will be offered in the form of a Morewood/BOS suspension package: Makulu Frame, BOS Stoy rear shock and a BOS Idylle DH fork.

Propel has begun taking orders today with a 20 per cent deposit required to secure a frame.

Frame Geometry and further information can be found at www.morewoodbikes.com


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