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Mountain bike racing has always seen itself as a 'purist' sport, with no outside assistance allowed. Taco your wheels and you've got to limp home all on your lonesome, race over. But, from 2005, this is set to change...

MTB XC racers can now be “assisted”

As well as signing up to WADA’s anti-doping code, the UCI’s management committee has given the nod to a small but significant rule change for cross country mountain biking, something that could ramp up costs for pro teams and lead lesser teams – and solo riders – feeling markedly left out.

For the 2005 race season, MTB racers in cross country events will be allowed to receive "technical assistance."

It’s as yet unclear what does, and what does not, constitute "technical assistance."

Whilst it’s clearly impractical for MTB riders to be followed around the course by the type of support vehicles common in road cycling events could there one day be Mavic-style neutral support motorbikes, carrying wheels and other spare parts, at major UCI-sanctioned MTB events?

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