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Smell the Adrenalin have formed a new race squad from the ashes of the Spooky team

New Upstarts turn the page

Nigel Page has signed to race for the new Upstart team.

The Upstart team will be a new team spawned from the old Spooky team of last

year, run by Smell the Adrenalin.

The team will comprise of some of the old team Spooky riders complemented by

new Pro Elite riders.

They will use a combination of frames from both Intense and Spooky.

Other sponsors of the new team include Azonic, Hayes, Manitou, Met, Tioga,

Alp Active and Arnette with other sponsors still in negotiation.

They may not win a lot but they look

good" was a quote in one magazine and next season as well as looking good we

intend to be up there on the podiums with the best of the rest, said STAs Kevin Harriman.

One piece of early success has already been achieved by Nigel Page. He is only

the second Brit to be selected to race at this years invitation-only X Games which will be held at Mount Snow Vermont in early February.

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