The publishing team behind 'Encycleopeadia', 'Bike Culture' and 'Bycycle' is now a tad smaller as the five staff are laid off

Open Road “downsizes”

Open Road downsizes to just Alan Davison and Jim McGurn.

The office at the Danesmead Wing in York has been closed. ‘Encycleodaedia’ will be produced by Davison from Manchester; McGurn will edit ‘Bike Culture’ from home. ‘Bycycle’ will be absorbed into ‘Bike Culture’.

"I’m quite looking forward to editing again," McGurn told BikeBiz today.

Open Road ran out of cash to pay the five staff – including Dan Joyce, who left ‘Cycling Plus’ last year to edit ‘Bycycle’ – so they were laid off.

The absorption of ‘Bycycle’ into ‘Bike Culture’ is in effect the closure of the magazine and ‘Bycycle’ joins a growing list of magazine failures in the past three months.

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