Ribble adds to e-bike range with new step-through models

Ribble has added to its e-bike range with the new Hybrid AL e step-through and the CGR AL e step-through models. “Cycling’s popularity has increased over the past decade with more and more people discovering the benefits and joy of cycling,” said Ribble’s CEO, Andy Smallwood. “We’ve added the new …

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Registration opens today for Taipei Cycle Online

Registration for Taipei Cycle Online has now opened. Taipei Cycle is holding both a physical show and the new virtual event Taipei Online when it takes place in March 2021. The move was announced in a press conference in September as the first ‘hybrid’ event to take place in the …

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Wahoo launches new Elemnt Rival GPS watch

Wahoo has launched the new Elemnt Rival GPS multi-sport watch. The new device brings a “user-centric design and unblinkered focus on functionality” to triathletes, runners and cyclists. “The real magic of Rival is that we were able to take everything we did with the Elemnt bike computer and create a …

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Brompton Black Edition 2020 line launches

Brompton has launched its Black Edition 2020 line. “In 2020, when having any kind of nightlife has been hard, and most evening venues in the city are closed, the Brompton Black Edition launch hopes to inspire an alternative night-time two-wheeled adventure,” said a statement. “The world is looking forward to …

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