Ursus SpA donates funds to the Veneto Region

Ursus SpA, the Ferronato family and all its staff have donated €50,000 to the Veneto Region to contribute to the management of the health emergency caused by COVID-19. “At this difficult time that Veneto and the whole of Italy are experiencing, it is a duty to support our doctors, nurses, …

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HKT adds new drop shipping service to B2B

HKT has added a new drop shipping service to its B2B. It is using its social media platforms to urge the public to contact their local bike shop if they would like to purchase anything from HKT. “If retailers want to list more of our product portfolio on their website …

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Peter Dobbs outlines availability amid COVID-19

Peter Dobbs Design and Print Services has outlined its availability amid the COVID-19 pandemic. The company has said it is working to guidelines as advised and is still operating. A lot of workers are remote working, some skeleton teams are in the print factories and other suppliers are abroad at …

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