Rad Power Bikes unveils new RadMission e-bike

Rad Power Bikes has unveiled its lowest-priced model yet, the RadMission. This single-speed e-bike is built for commuting with lightweight and streamlined components, including a high-torque 250W motor (500W in North America) and an all-new battery pack that’s smaller than Rad Power Bikes’ existing version but still achieves the same 40–72+ …

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Bollé to provide try-out experience of Phantom lens technology

Bollé has partnered with QReal and M7 Innovations to provide a hyper-realistic try-out experience of its flagship lens technology, Phantom. Within Instagram, the demonstration invites users to try out Bollé’s Phantom lens through one of the brand’s Chronoshield model. After seeing the glasses on their face, users flip their camera …

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Canyon launches 30-day cycling challenge

Canyon has set the 30-day challenge, to see how many miles riders can get in instead of using a car or public transport. On Monday, the company began asking people to turn to the bike as much as possible, in an effort to stay safe, be healthy and save a little …

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