REVISED: HPV rider breaks 80 mph barrier

This news from earlier in the week has received a great deal of international media coverage but here’s some background material that hasn’t been so widely reported. Such as? Er, like a 15 year old American schoolgirl going faster than the Telewest-sponsored, Olympic champion sprinter Jason Queally. You see, it’s all down to HPV design know-how, something the British Blueyonder team chose to ignore…

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Extra help for Felt from Fish

Nick Fish, former MD of Trek UK, latterly a consultant for the BCF, is to advise Extra UK on the launch of Felt MTBs into the UK. Extra is now in its second year of importing Felt BMX bikes.. And in a related story, Ken Knight, ex sales manager at Caratti, takes on the distribution for Nirve, an offshoot of Felt

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Lawson takes his own medicine…and has the licence to prove it

Tim Lawson of the family-owned energy food firm Science in Sport has just secured himself a 1st Cat road race licence by using his own products, and training hard. In a year he went from the bottom of the rung to the top, despite starting out as "fat" and a "poor ambassdor for a sports nutrition company". There's hope for us all...

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