Sunn rises again

The French MTB brand booked a last minute stand at Bike 2000 and was staffed with UK-based sales agents but there was no UK importer. Now there is, and its BlueRidge

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Rock Shox recall: Madison to the rescue

After last weeks stop-sell notice on certain Rock Shox forks, theres still no word on a recall plan because Rock Shox have yet to have their strategy ratified by the US consumer safety body. Thanks to the resultant vacuum, Madison have decided to go it alone

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Theres no business like snow business

The Xscape snowslope-cum-mall in Milton Keynes is expected to attract 6 million visitors in its first year, more than the Dome at Greenwich. The Action Bikes store on site is trading at double its target. Can other IBDs get a slice of this experiential retailing?

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