Japanese art bikes combine cameras with wheels

Tokyo's Mukojima Bicycle Art and Net Project put itty-bitty cameras on rental bikes in an art project to make people think about their surroundings. And the Shitamachi area of old Tokyo was also transformed by a 'road garden' made up of flowers planted in bicycle baskets...

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Telegraph reports sale of Halfords would be a ‘surprise’

Really? Not to the bike trade. It's been clear for many months that CVC has been grooming the retailer for a quick sale. Anyway, The Sunday Telegraph puts flesh on the bones: CVC is said to be close to appointing bankers to advise on the sale. And where did the Telegraph get this info? Could it be PR leaks from Halfords? Such briefings to the financial press are to be expected, as perceived value is added to the recent cash-gains thanks to the bouyant bike market and the car customisation cruiser craze.

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Euro trade mag editor attacks Halfords UK

In an op-ed piece entitled 'Junk bikes', Jack Oortwijn, editor in chief of Bike Europe, has criticised the Halfords campaign to charge £10 for assembling sub-£150 bikes. In the November issue of the Reed Business Information magazine he said the stance was an "objectionable policy." This is just the latest in a series of body blows to the bikes-and-autos chain, thought by analysts to be ramping up revenue in order to look more attractive to potential purchasers.

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Gag the tags, say consumer groups in Europe and US

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags have long been used to identify bicycles. Some suppliers fit them at source, and consumers can fit them as aftermarket security items. However, the next generation ofRFID are so small, retailers such as Wal-Mart and Tescos are talking about fitting the so-called 'radio barcodes' to masses of products, raising the spectre of physical tracking of consumers and their buying habits. Thirty consumer rights groups in Europe and the US want use of the tags to be halted and a moratorium held on their use in the future.

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