Who says you can’t make money in the bike trade?

OK, many big players have had a tough time of late, and will be limping for the foreseable future, but there are others doing just great, especially those who have gained sales from the Schwinn/GT dislocation. Last week on this site there was the good news about Giant. Here's a positive sales story from Specialized Bicycles, and above, there's the report of a record year for Trek from John Burke, Trek USA's CEO. Of course, 'turnover is vanity, profit is sanity' but all three companies sell bikes at decent margins and at high average prices. And, very much worth noting, they're all big into IBDs rather than multiple channels...

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Coltman back in the saddle

Gary Coltman is the new UK distributor of Bio-Racer products, the Belgian clothing, bike and bike fitting system company. Coltman was the Raleigh/Diamond Back race team manager for seven years, until Raleigh recently pulled the plug on its paid whippets

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Is Mane to blame?

Following last week’s collapse of Ltd, co-director Neil Delafield has claimed he’s had a death threat. There are certainly a great many IBDs with axes to grind. But there are also some stout defenders of Ltd. Read on for a whole load of mixed messages. Bear in mind this article is a rather long one, and not for the faint-hearted…

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