Big mag plugs bikes

The August Candis magazine devotes nine pages to getting its readers on bikes. With a circulation of 458 779 Candis magazine is in the UKs list of the 30 best selling magazines. Its bigger than Loaded, OK! and Good Housekeeping. The article is brilliantly written and superbly photographed so will turn lots of people on to cycling

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You can’t sue a squirrel

But you can claim for harm caused by motorists banging into you. Author RICHARD PEACE, a lawyer in a former life, explains what to do when you need to make or defend a claim and how to stand up to lawyers who try to pin 'contributory negligence' on cyclists...

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Bikebiz goes public

Weve been getting a steady number of hits from the public for some months. Theres a monthly plug for the site in Cycling Plus and other cycle mags give it mentions too. Those without passwords can access the stats and the job ads. But now theres something new for the public...

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New cyclists start here…

According to the Bicycle Association, the organisation which represents Britain's cycle suppliers, there are 27 million cycles in ownership in the UK. If you've just bought number 27 million and one, you're on the right track, and here's how and why to ride your new bike

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