MBO at Reynolds

In our story of 18th Jan on the collapse of Reynolds because of cross-guarantees between Reynolds and Apollo, we mentioned the possibility of an MBO

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BikeBiz not alone in criticising EBMA

We've been taking a bit of stick recently for our coverage of the EBMA/Brian Montgomery/dumping shenanigans. But we're not the only ones to think Brian's 'linked' anti-dumping complaint was a tactical error and a huge waste of time, effort and resources...

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According to a posting on our bulletin board this afternoon the magazine 'Maximum Mountain Bike' has ceased to be...

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Spin City

Heres the embargoed EBMA press release mentioned in the previous news story. The face-saving fax from Parisj is nine-tenths spin. The actual reason for the release the embarrassing forced withdrawal of the EBMA chairmans linked dumping complaint against China and Taiwan is tucked away at the end of paragraph three

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