Another hotel comp for Cycle 2003

You don't see a free hotel room for ages, and then two come along at once. Cycle 2003 and their hotel reservation service have come up with another Islington hotel willing to provide a gratis stay on one of the nights of the show. PLUS: the latest exhibitors to sign-up for Cycle 2002 include GT (via Hot Wheels), Saracen and Orbea (via East Coast Distribution).

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Simoni to hang weights on his ‘Dale; Saeco jersey graphic aims to dislodge UCI frame-weight rule

When Saeco’s Gilberto Simoni climbs the climb to Morzine on Saturday's stage of the Tour de France, he’ll be pedalling a Cannondale lighter than the one he used to win the Giro d'Italia. It's so light it breaches the UCI minimum weight rule. Simoni and the rest of the Saeco team will be wearing 'Legalize my Cannondale' jerseys to publicise the bike, the brand and the UCI's insistence on sticking to Rule #1.3.019

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