So, did weatherman’s predictions come true for summer 03?

Yep. Back in April, carried the 90-day weather forecast by the Met Office's Bill Giles. He predicted a long spell of good weather for the UK, and gave a week-by-week breakdown. By and large, he was spot on and the fine weather led to a healthy uplift in UK bike sales. So, what does the rest of the year hold? Click within.

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SRAM wins breathing space in patent dispute with Shimano; cassettes ship again

On the first day of Eurobike, SRAM was hit with a Shimano-instigated injunction and had to cover up parts of its booth, remove key products and paste blanks into its catalogues. The company also had to stop shipping Powerglide cassettes and X-7 triggers into Germany. However, on Friday, a Munich court granted SRAM a stay of execution. "Perfect news for IFMA," said SRAM's Martin van Beek.

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