Unnnnn, nnn-nnn, nnnn-nnnn, urrrrrrrr

For those kids who like making revving sounds when cycling, Tomax Ltd of Ireland has just the thing: the Turbo-Spoke. This is an attach-to-the-chainstays 'exhaust' that uses the motion of the bike to create motorbike noises. It'll be a Christmas hit, reckons Tomax Ltd, and there's a PR campaign rolling out soon.

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ACT to hold AGM in world’s best city

Yes, the ACT has decided to hold its annual general meeting in sunny Newcastle, home to! Get your diaries out, though, the date on the recent mailing from the ACT has been changed, it's now 12th November, not the 19th.

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Trek unveils $5999 Special Edition Madone

Only 500 of the Special Edition Lance Armstrong bikes will be produced. As well as the hang-it-on-the-wall bike, you get a numbered lithographic print, signed by Lance and the artist. For those not flush with a spare $5999, there's one part of the package that is affordable: the rather fetching commemorative jersey.

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