Judge John Deed urges boycott of Halfords because of chimp ads

The cast and crew of the BBC drama Judge John Deed, including the leading role actor, Martin Shaw, have written a letter to Halfords, requesting the retail chain to cancel the July showing of its filmed-in-America chimp telly advert. "We would urge you, for the sake of humanity towards chimpanzees, to stop using them in your TV adverts." The actors and crew have threatened to boycott Halfords stores and to "use our influence to urge others to do so."

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Forget exercise, fatties could pop a life-lengthening pill, say docs

This week's British Medical Journal carries a report about a combination pill made up of cheap, out-of-patent drugs, and a vitamin, that could be made available to the over-55s and which would severely dent the chances of them popping their clogs from heart disease, the Western world's biggest killer. Polypill poppers would gain 11 years (and carry on smoking, gorging on Big Macs and Segwaying to the pub)

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