Tubebliss or not tubebliss? That is the question.

Are they worth the hype? Do your customers need/want them? Are they more trouble than they're worth? Is tubeless the way of the future. Guy Kesteven grabs the bull by the horns, and wrestles with the thorny issue of whether tubeless tyre technology is heading for the big time...

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President to give talk at IFMA

The president of Cannondale, that is. Joe Montgomery, founder of Cannondale, is to expound his views on the future for the bicycle sector. With so much of US - and global - bike trade in meltdown, it should be rivetting stuff

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IFMA press release likens bikes to the internet

"How can it be that the bike with its current total of 27 gears, its rear and front disc brakes and comfortable suspension is also regarded as the favourite toy of the rapidly growing Internet generation?...The bicycle requires some degree of physical fitness, in order to be fun, the Internet requires some basic knowledge. On the one hand, you can virtually surf to the most wonderful places which mankind can conceive, on the other, on a completely real level, with all the senses." This is from a press release from the IFMA marketing team...

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