Feet meet wheels

New research from the UK-based Outdoor Industries Association has found there's a bigger crossover between walking and cycling than previously thought.

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Speedplay-founder is a pedal-nut

The Speedplay website has carried a pedal time-line section for some weeks but what's not mentioned on the site is the fact the pedals featured in the 'online pedal museum' are from the personal collection of Speedplay's designer and CEO Richard Bryne. His collection includes rare 19th century pedals as well as the first clipless pedal system introduced by Cinelli in 1973 (but which never caught on at the time)

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Software tracks airtime appeal of bike-riding logo-monkeys

Berry Floors will be pleased: TNSSPORT, a sports research company,is developing image recognition software that will be able to track the television exposure and value of brands appearing on team strips, including logos on F1 driver's post-race polo shirts and sublimated-printed Tour de France race jerseys...

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Dahon tackles Smirnoff over folding bike ‘smear’

Following the story on on the latest ad campaign from Smirnoff Ice - which portrays alcopop cans as a better use for aluminium than folding bikes - Dahon California Inc. is threatening to sue Diageo, one of the world's biggest booze brand owners, if it doesn't withdraw its advertising posters. The bike used in the outdoor campaign is a Dahon but the company's Joshua Hon believes the campaign is a dig against all aluminium bicycles.

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